„Kick-off-meeting zum grenzübergreifenden Schulprojekt „LivingStones“Kick-off-meeting Cross-border-school project "LivingStones"

Cross-border school project „LivingStones“

The aim of the project was that pupils and their teachers from Carinthia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto become aquainted with each other to understand the regions across the state border and the people living there. This should be achieved by joint hiking tours, school events and presentations. At the end all kids involved in the project should compile an Earth Science-related booklet about the Carnic Alps. Progress during the working phase could be followed on the Homepage http://www.livingstones-geology-for-kids.eu/. Partner of the Geopark in Austria were the Music School Hermagor and the Secondary School Lesachtal.

The project was financed by the Province of Carinthia and the European Union.


The Kick-off-meeting started on May 25, 2011 in Dellach/Gail. Alltogether 5 school classes with some 90 pupils participated in the project.

In autumn 2011, following an introductory workshop, the Secondary School of Hermagor walked to the top of mountain Auernig at Nassfeld and the Secondary School of Lesach Valley hiked to Lake Wolayer where they stayed overnight.

Following the field trips the pupils started their work with different contributions (photos, drawings, stories etc.) which became part of the Earth History booklet which was ready for print in April 2012. In addition a practical case with rocks and fossils from the Geopark was prepared.

At the end of the poject a bus tour to the local museum of Ampezzo was organized for two classes from the Geopark to meet students from across the border.


The envelope of the brochure produced at the end of the project
The geological field case with rocks and fossils from the Carnic Alps
Kids from the Music School of Hermagor are searching for rocks
Kids from Secondary School at Lesach Valley are searching for rocks
Jade green slag brick
Turquoise blue slag brick